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240z/260z/280z Chromoly Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms

JANUARY 29th, 2014



1970-1978 Datsun 240z/260z/280z (s30) Chromoly Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms (Rear LCAs)

I introduce to you, the only true A-arm design control arm on the market for the s30 Z cars.  In which the "a-arm" design is superior to the conventional stock (and other custom) "h-arm" designs out there.

Now another great advantage to these rear LCAs is once you get past taking those pesky spindle pins off the stock ones, you'll never have to have such a hard time removing them ever again! These get replaced with a grade 8 bolt that will slide in and out much easier and won't take you an eternity trying to remove while cursing like a sailor.

You want adjustability?
This LCA design will enable you to adjust camber, track width, and on-the-car adjustments for toe. This is great news for you performance minded people as you will be able to adjust your rear wheel alignment for better geometry. In addition to the adjustability, these LCA’s will dramatically reduce the amount of bind on the outer bound areas of the control arms where the strut/spindle is mounted. This is also good news as the control arms are more able to pivot freely and allowing the struts to absorb the vertical loads. The control arms were made for all the stock mounting points to be used, including the sway bar mount.

Can I narrow the track width?  What is the maximum I can adjust my track width out?  What is the range of adjustment for camber and toe?
The control arms were made with the rod ends threaded all the way in the tubes so that they could be extended the maximum length, But to answer the question, no you can't narrow the track.

The rule of thumb with exposed rod end threads is 1.5 X thread diameter. So with 5/8'' threads thats .938'' Minus the length of the jam nut (typically about .40") and that leaves you with .538'' of extension per arm or, about an inch both sides. However, as you move the rod ends out negative camber is gained so to get the full 1'' of track width the LCAs will have to be used with upper camber plates.

In using the stock rubber upper insulated strut mounts you're able to increase track width about .7'' @ -3 degrees camber, but again with the addition of camber plates, this can increase adjustability.

Also, with the stock upper rubber insulated strut mount, you can increase negative camber by over 4 degrees if you wanted. With camber plates, this will increase adjustability.  However, you cannot shorten the arms compared to stock length which means you can't reduce negative camber.

As for toe, once you have your camber/track set the adjustment is pretty much infinite.

Worried about weight?

These bad boys as a set come in weighing over 4 lbs. lighter than the stockers!

Can't make up your mind?
These control arms are more adjustable and affordable than the others on the market (which are $800 plus shipping) and they are not true a-arms!

What do you get for the price?
A complete set of ready to bolt on adjustable rear LCAs made of 1" chromoly tubing, heavy duty heat treated teflon lined rod ends, including Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings and all grade 8 hardware.

Do they come with a protective coating?

Yes! They come powder coated in your choice of Silver or Gold, cost is included in the price!


Model Guide:
Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z

Code Guide:
Datsun S30

Year Guide:
1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978





Control arms are made to order, lead time approx. 1 month until shipped.  Please be advised that sometimes there are unforeseen shop delays that may delay this timeline.

***NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT*** - All ZFP parts are sold for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Receipt of payment is acknowledging your agreement to NOT reproduce, sell nor redistribute ZFP parts in any way, shape or form. Failure to do so will be punishable by law.

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